Why Us?

Why Us?

  1. No risk to list with us since you pay absolutely NO upfront fee at all.
  2. Our management fees are the most competitive ones in the market.
  3. We respond to your email within 8 business hours and we return your calls within 4 business hours. That is our promise.
  4. We can maximize your rent return from our special tenant database and also, we can advertise both locally and internationally. We have language advantage that helps us communicate with tenants in their mother languages. We have better understanding and better communication, especially when interacting with new immigrants and overseas students.
  5. We have highly experienced Property Managers who are very proactive. For example, our lease renewal policy is to communicate with landlords and tenants six months before lease ends, which allows us to have a minimum vacancy rate and eliminate the potential rent lost for our landlords.
  6. We pay rent more frequently than many other agencies, so you can keep up with your loan repayment.
  7. We are familiar with all different new technologies, cloud-based property management software, data storage software, and CRM software, and they are all cloud based. All different kinds of communication software support help us with the communication with landlords, especially when they are overseas or on a holiday.
  8. We always put ourselves into Landlord's shoes and always try to keep our landlords informed.
  9. We pay lots of attention to Landlord's requirements and we will tailor our services and give solution and advice in time.
  10. We work hard by doing private open inspections as soon as prospective tenant book a time with us, and, regular weekend open inspections will be conducted each week until your property is leased.
  11. Our tenant database is very efficient, including both local tenants and overseas tenants. We are very cautious in selecting and screening tenants and we are experienced in dealing with them under the Residential Tenancy Act.
  12. We also build good relationship with tenants, and that is why good tenants are generally staying with us until they bought a house. We have a good referral system for tenants to refer their friends and families to us, so we can rent out your property much quicker than many other agencies.
  13. “It’s very important that we make Korn Real Estate feel like a family for our employees, because that’s the feeling we’re trying to create for the people we’re caring for,” that is why we have lower staff turnover rate, so that you don't have to deal with 4 or more different property managers in a year.


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