Why Us?

Why Us?

  1. We have got 25,000 potential buyers (both local interstate and overseas) sitting in our database managed by our most advanced CRM software. Top listing agency in CBD on 2016 anounced by Corelogic rpdata, top selling agency for the tallest residential project Realm on North Terrace. We have also sold 25 million worth of apartments on waymouth street off the plan to our investors.
  2. Our company purpose is to create more clients and provide the best service to them.
  3. Our Company core values are technolog, creative, professional, respect, integrity and reputation.
  4. We combine technology& motivation together to make our services better.
  5. We continuely review our service process and be creative to make our client’s experience better.
  6. We are professional negotiators which make us part of your profit, not cost.
  7. We respect our clients, providing best service with a great postive attitude.
  8. We are being honest and transparent with our clients, that is how we build a great referal network and channel partners trust us and work with us.
  9. Reputation is crucial, we will do the right thing to them and that is why we keep receiving referals from our past clients.
  10. Experience is important, we have been working in this indutry for more than 10 years.
  11. There is system in place, everyone in team will get rewarded specifically if they sell someone else property.
  12. We are investors and developers ourselves so we knew exactly what are important to you.

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