Yvonne Shang

Yvonne Shang

Finance Manager

0415 193 412

08 7230 2736

[email protected]


Landlord from Glenelg

Landlord from Glenelg

These are my personal experience with Korn Real Estate.

My experience with Korn Real Estate starts with a recommendation from one of my professional contacts. The owner of the business, Korn, who was very efficient, friendly and detailed when assisting client enquiries. Once I started using their service, they delivered the services as promised and contracted.

Korn is friendly and logical. His staff, Yvonne Shang, who has been very helpful in assisting customer enquiries and delivering results in my recent email communications.

Communication with this company is overall easy and accessible via email, phone or Instant Messaging apps.

I am very satisfied with their service so far.

- Nicholas D Wang

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